How To Get Hired With Zero Experience on Hiredly

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve received countless enquiries from job seekers who were looking to switch their careers.

Starting over is difficult enough but most jobs require a certain level of working experience (even fresh grad jobs), which makes it even harder for this pool of job seekers.

From January to February 2022, Hiredly is launching the #ZeroHero campaign to help connect these job seekers with employers who are open to hiring candidates with zero working experience.

These are full-time positions with zero experience required.

You can easily identify these jobs by:

  • Looking for jobs with #ZeroHero in the job description.
  • Searching for ZeroHero on Hiredly
  • Heading straight to

If you are a

  • Fresh graduate who wants to venture out of something you studied academically.
  • A senior professional who has been on the same career path for years, contemplating a career change.

We hope this initiative opens up new opportunities for you in the new year.

**If you’re an employer interested in participating in this campaign for FREE, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].