Hire the best fresh talent with #ZeroHero

Dear employer,

We invite you to join our #ZeroHero campaign this January 2022. Open yourself up to candidates with no experience and discover untapped talent!

Throughout the pandemic period, we have received a lot of enquiries from job seekers who are looking to switch their career.

As such we have launched the ZeroHero campaign to promote entry level jobs prominently throughout January and February so you can reach more job seekers – for FREE!

How can your company participate?

All you have to do is include this line
Candidates with zero experience are welcome to apply! [ Part of Hiredly’s #ZeroHero Campaign – hiredly.com/zerohero ]”
at the top of your job posting’s description. The job posting must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Full-time position
  • Not an internship
  • Zero working experience required
  • Must be placed in the job description

Hiredly will actively promote your #ZeroHero jobs during the campaign period.

Here are reasons why a #ZeroHero might just be your next best recruit:

  1. Skills can be taught, but a good attitude can’t
  2. They’re passionate and eager to learn new things
  3. Their fresh perspectives can lead to innovative solutions

The campaign period will be from January till February 2022. If you have any inquiries regarding the campaign, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].