Hello Mentor EP3 | How An Ex-Gaming Addict Became An Accidental Entrepreneur with Fong Wai Hong of StoreHub

“I was the geeky gamer kid who failed subjects in school and nobody wanted to be friends with. I was the kid who got picked last in basketball.”

From Gamer Geek to Successful Entrepreneur

In this episode of Hello Mentor, Fong Wai Hong, the Chieftain and Co-founder of StoreHub shares what led him to become an accidental entrepreneur.

Not one to shy away from sharing difficult experiences, Wai Hong looks back upon the computer gaming addiction that led him to fail 5 university subjects, proving failure is never the end all be all to one’s journey.

StoreHub’s Growth

Wai Hong also talks about the challenges he faced while scaling StoreHub, how culture and values play a crucial role in organisations and and why passion doesn’t always translate to success when leading a company.

About Wai Hong

Fong Wai Hong is Chieftain and co-founder at StoreHub, an omnichannel operating system for over 12,000 retailers and restaurants across South East Asia.

Having grown up in Malaysia, Wai Hong would then spend 4 years in Singapore as an ASEAN Scholar before studying and living in Melbourne for the next 10 years. Upon completing his BA at the University of Melbourne, Wai Hong co-founded OZHut, a multi-niche online retailer where he was the managing director for 5 years.

Wai Hong was also named Australia’s Best Young Entrepreneur in 2011 by StartupSmart and was amongst Melbourne’s top 100 most influential people by The Age Newspaper that same year. Wai Hong has since spent 1.5 years living in Shanghai where he studied Mandarin and eventually returned to Malaysia in 2013 where he founded StoreHub. 

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