10 Hacks to Conquer Unproductivity!

Sure, you’ve heard the generic work productivity tips and tricks – eliminate distractions in the office, prioritize your work, don’t multitask, yada yada.

But have you ever heard of these uncoventional things you could do to increase workplace productivity?

Here’s a list of 10 productivity hacks:

1. Listening to music while working helps get things done faster.


Music has been shown to be a mood booster and thus increase not only productivity but also creativity. But do take note that if you’re listening to something distracting – like “Work” by Rihanna – you might not be productive ’cause let’s be honest, you’d be singing along or gettin’ your killa moves on, and multitasking is a no go for productivity. But hey, if it “Works” (hah, get it?) for you then you do what’s best for you. So make sure you listen to the right music! 

2. Tuesday is the most productive day of the week.


According to a survey carried out by Accountemps, Tuesday is the day where most people are operating at their highest points and are getting the most work accomplished. Fun fact: Peak time is from 10:00am to 12:00pm. But let’s be real, we can’t just be productive for 2 out of 168 hours a week. Also, everyone has their own body clock so you do you. Take notice of your most productive periods and maximize your productivity potential!

3. Exercising before work helps relieve stress.


Are you a morning person? Most people aren’t (but to those of you who are, kudos to you for having the willpower to seperate from your bed – it’s a real struggle y’alls) but did you know that morning exercise has been shown to relieve stress because of the endorphines (a.k.a. happiness hormones) released during the workout? When you’re all relaxed with a clear head, you can say goodbye to brain farts at work! For those of you who struggle with hitting the gym after work, why not try this instead? You won’t have an excuse not to workout after a long tiring day anymore 😉.

4.  Live plants help to live-n up the workplace.


Hah. Get it? Live-n liven? Nevermind. Studies have shown that these green buddies help to improve productivity and concentration by 15%. What’s even better is that they help to remove air toxins by 87% in just 24 hours! Perhaps, you could start a new intiative by encouraging your colleagues to bring a small plant to work.

5. Junk food decreases productivity. 


Uh oh. Sorry to all you junk food lovers (including myself) but it’s called junk food for a reason 😞. Did you know that junk food decreases productivity by a staggering 60%? Yikes! Junk food is high in sodium, sugar and fat. Although they provide you with a quick burst of energy, they make your digestive system work harder, reducing the brain’s oxygen levels and result in a groggy you. In other words, food coma. So the next time your colleague offers you some salted egg fish skin, RUN!

6. Drinking enough liquids help your brain work better.


It’s about to get a little scientific, so bear with me. Water increases productivity by 14%. H20 eases dehydration and expands the gray matter in your brain. Gray matter is highly involved with the control of motor neurons in the brain involving activities like muscle control and sensory perception. Hence, better sensory perception, better alertness. Better alertness, better productivity.

7. Colours affect productivity and creativity.


Something so simple like colour can have such a prominent effect on productivity. Red creates a sense of urgency, blue and green invokes calmness, and yellow inspires. The next time you get a chance to spruce up the office, maybe think about which colour would help you best first 🌈.

8. Sleep, sleep sleep.


Yes you, millenials. I’m talking to you (yes, myself included). I know that at this age, it feels like you could function on 3 hours of sleep and a few cans of Redbull. But did you know that with a proper 7-9 hours of sleep, your productivity could increase by 20%? Having trouble falling asleep? Avoid caffeinated drinks or sleeping with a full stomach as it might cause indigestion and you wouldn’t want to wake up with a bloated stomach would you now?

9. Lighting is (almost) everything.


Not only is good lighting required for taking excellent photos (Insta boyfriends, you know what I mean), it also helps boost productivity. Natural sunlight helps to regulate circardian rhythms (the body’s internal process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle). Having sufficient light in the office lets your body know that it’s daytime and time to hustle. Blinds covering your office windows? Roll them up and let the sunshine in!

10. Humour changes the atmosphere.


There is always a time and place for everything, humour included. BUT! Humour in the office can really lighten up the atmosphere especially when things have been a little stressful at work. Ridiculous jokes or the most random stories break down facades and encourage everyone to be their true selves. When everyone can gel better together, work gets done faster and thus, increased productivity! Disclaimer: Make sure to know where to draw the line so that others are not offended though 🙊.

Well, you’ve reached the end of this extensive list and I hope that you’ve managed to learn a thing or two from these productivity hacks.

‘Til next time!


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