6 Ex-Interns Spill The Tea On What it Was Like Interning At Hiredly

Why do menial tasks when you can intern at Hiredly and get the real-world experience you need to kickstart your career?

Don’t take our word for it – find out from our 6 former-interns-turned-full-timers themselves!

“I grew my career in just 3 years!”

– Kenny, Social Media Marketer

I switched careers from Law to Marketing after graduation. I had no skills or experience in Marketing but in less than 3 years, I’ve learned enough to lead our social media team!

While at Hiredly, 2 of my proudest achievements were creating viral TikTok videos and growing our Instagram following from 8.8k to 22.4k.

I’m no one-trick-pony either, I’ve even mastered Adobe Illustrator and Premiere Pro!

In my experience, I haven’t done the same thing for more than 6 months each time. I went from creating content based on a given direction to planning and deciding the direction of our social media myself.

It can get a little chaotic sometimes but I appreciate the level of trust I was given in such a short time.

I’m aiming to go higher and with the company growing, I’m excited to see how my skills can be put to the test further!

“I discovered where my strength lied.”

– Hafiz, Sales Operations Executive

I was an Architecture graduate and at first, I struggled to adapt to the real career world but my internship at Hiredly prepared me well.

As an intern, my day-to-day task involved several parties in which I was the middle person. It taught me a lot about communicating clearly. Miscommunication and misinterpretation were the biggest challenges for me but I was given space to learn from my mistakes.

From that experience, I developed a better understanding of my job scope and discovered what I thought was my biggest challenge was actually my strength. I’m proud to say that now I am able to adapt to all kinds of situations without breaking a sweat!

I learned so much about myself during my internship like realizing I enjoyed and was great at entertaining people and handling inquiries.

When I was offered a full-time position, I accepted it with an open heart. This was the career I was looking for!

“I got to marry my strength to my interest.”

– Saliza, Digital Marketing Executive

As someone with an engineering background, numbers and formulas were always familiar to me, but I’ve also always loved being creative.

It’s why I decided to apply for an internship at Hiredly. I knew I wanted to give myself the chance to try something completely new.

During my internship, I was given the chance to explore different career paths and really find out what worked best for me given the skills I had.

The team took my interests and strengths into consideration and carved a path that best suited me. Now I’m a Digital Marketer and get to to be creative while utilizing my strength in numbers and data!

“My colleagues created my fondest memories!”

– Emily, Accounts & Admin Executive

I’ve made so many fond memories as an intern at Hiredly. My colleagues made sure of that!

During my time here, I’ve always felt supported and assured that my team is always there for me. I’ve seen myself grow so much as a person too, both professionally and personally.

If you asked me what my favourite memory was as an intern at Hiredly, I wouldn’t know which one to choose because everyday was special to me (cringe but TRUE!).

What I will share is whenever I’ve felt stuck, my team is always there to help me understand and make learning fun. They’re a patient bunch!

“I picked up skills that shaped my career forever.”

– Brian, Marketing Team Lead

My internship at Hiredly taught me one of the most favourite lessons, which is how to make decisions based on data. I learned how to study the potential of an idea and prove it with data – it’s the best way to convince others your idea works!

Before my internship, I never would have imagined speaking to hundreds of people at a time. Much to my surprise, as an intern, Hiredly trusted me to represent the company!

I got to speak to high paying clients, present our ideas and participate in discussions. Now, you’ll even see me host public speaking events.

My internship also got me involved in large projects – projects that helped me discover my strength in Project Management and Coordination.

I credit where I am now in my career to my internship experience. My colleagues took me seriously as an intern and trusted me with tasks that propelled my learning.

“My internship prepared me for the real working world.”

– Eleanor, Senior Executive, Brands & Communication

My internship at Hiredly gave me an accurate taste of real working life. Not many of my peers could say that as an intern, they played a key role in a project’s success!

The first big project I got to work on was our Career Fair in 2017 back when we were still WOBB. I was only a few months into my internship, too.

I had to personally speak with high-level clients and invite them to participate in our career fair, so it was very nerve-wracking!

I’ve had my fair share of experience organizing events when I was in university, but nothing can compare to what I felt once I saw this Career Fair come to life.

What made my work more rewarding was knowing that in my own way, I helped people get jobs. That Career Fair was the starting point for many people’s career just as this internship was mine!

At Hiredly, we don’t care about your educational background or work experience. What matters is just that you’re eager to learn and give it your best.

So show us what you’ve got! Join the Hiredly team as an intern by applying on Hiredly.com/careers.