6 Things To Do Before Asking For A Promotion (And Then Getting It!)

Asking for a promotion can feel intimidating, but if you’re confident in your abilities and contribution, there’s no harm in asking for something you deserve!

According to a survey, many Malaysian bosses don’t have a solid plan for career progression. So if you ever find yourself in a similar situation at work, taking the initiative to lead the way to your own promotion is a good call.

To ensure a successful conversation between you and your employer, here’s what you need to prepare first.

First, create the right environment.

  1. Let your manager warm up to the idea of your promotion by dropping hints.
  2. Help your employer envision what career progression could look like for you.
  3. Ask “How do I get a promotion?” instead of “Can I get a promotion?”

Now, make sure you’re worthy of that promotion.

  1. Understand where you stand at your current position and performance.
  2. Find out if the position you’re eyeing already exists. If it’s a completely new role, outline how you can benefit the company in the position.
  3. List all your achievements and accomplishments for a convincing proposal.

Once you’ve made the necessary preparations, go ahead and set a meeting with your manager or supervisor. Outline how you would make a good case for your promotion. Be sure to list your experience, contribution and how being in this new position can bring further value to the company.

Lastly, approach the conversation with confidence. After all, you’ve given your best and look forward to doing so in the next phase of your career!

Your work and achievements can do a lot to earn respect and confidence from your employer and colleagues. But did you know that honing a solid personal brand can take your career even further?

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