Land Your Dream Job with This Employer Research Guide

Job hunting is a challenging process, especially when you’re competing against numerous other applicants for the same position.

But with thorough research, you can set yourself apart from the crowd and make smart decisions about the company you choose to join.

Researching the companies you’re interested in is crucial because it not only helps you discover the type of role and work environment you want but also demonstrates your genuine interest in the position and company. Plus, it gives employers a sneak peek into your work ethic and preparation skills – and that will always win you points!

So if you’re in the middle of preparing for an upcoming job interview, here’s how you start your research. Check out the table below to help you narrow down the information you need to look for.

Download the employer research guide PDF with sample answers here.

1. Company name

This may seem like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how many candidates miss out on opportunities for getting the company name or spelling wrong.

So be sure to get the spelling correct throughout your application including your cover letter. If the company name is made up of an acronym, it’s worth looking into what they stand for as well!

2. Company size

The size of a company will give you an idea of how the organization operates. It also gives you a clue into what the work culture could be.

Typically, a large company will have more bureaucratic structures, while a smaller company usually has a closer-knit team. Take this information in and ponder on whether this is the type of working environment you’d want to work in.

3. What the company does

Understanding what the company does helps with positioning your value in the organization. Look into the company’s mission, products or services, and target market. Keep this in mind when explaining how you can bring value to the company with your skills and experience.

It’s the most convincing way to tell employers you’re the candidate to hire!

4. Who the company helps

Knowing who the company serves can give you insight into its values and goals. Scour their company profile on sites like Hiredly, the company website or social media to learn about their clients and how they help these clients reach their business goals.

It will help you determine if the company is the right fit for your personal values and career goals.

5. Available roles you are interested in

If you are preparing for a career fair, it’s important to find out what roles are available at the companies you are interested in. Job lists are usually available on the company website or in the case of career fairs, on the event website.

Narrow down the roles you want to apply for and prepare your talking points according to that. Early preparation will give you more confidence when speaking to hiring managers.

Need pointers on how to open an engaging conversation? Click here to check out our guide.

6. Why you’d want to work at the company

If you’ve been to several job interviews before, you know this is one of the first questions interviewers ask. With the information you’ve collected so far, see if you can find a genuine reason to join the company.

It could be because the company’s goals align with your personal values. It could also be that the company has reputable industry leaders you admire and want to learn from.

Whatever they may be, dig deep within yourself and find a good reason to make you excited to show up to work for the company!

7. Recent information about the company that you find interesting

To really impress the employers, keep up-to-date with recent news and developments within the company. It makes a great conversation starter and shows your genuine interest in the organization.

It’s easy to look up this information. Look for recent press releases, news articles, or social media posts to stay informed.

Download the employer research guide PDF with sample answers here.

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