Hello Mentor EP23 | Mark O’dea, Former Boy Band Member Turned Malaysian Show Host & YouTuber

“If it wasn’t for the boy band, I wouldn’t have come to Malaysia and really fell in love with it. When I was in the boy band, I had so much free time so I started a YouTube Channel and that’s when I got noticed by The 8TV Quickie.” – Mark O’Dea

About the episode

In this podcast episode, Mark shares how he made the decision to move to Malaysia many years back to join the boy band – The London Boys.

He talks about being a social media personality and how he first started building content on YouTube as well as on other social media platforms. He also shares the differences between being a TV host on Astro and being a content creator on social media. 

Getting to know Mark O’dea

Mark O’Dea (@markodea8) is from the UK and he has made a name for himself in Malaysia in just over six years! From a young age, all he wanted to do was perform and be in front of the camera. He appeared in TV Shows and Musicals in the UK until the age of 22 when he got an offer to be in the Asia Based Boyband ‘The London Boys’.

Whilst being in the band, Mark started his own Youtube Channel which now has over 75,000 Subscribers and has a total of over 6 Million Views to this date! He also creates viral content on his Facebook & Instagram Account which has over 130,000 Followers.

After he parted ways with the Boy Band, he became a TV Host on 8TV’s Daily Entertainment Show ‘The 8TV Quickie’ for two years. Mark also joined Astro SuperSports as the host for the International Sports Travel Show ‘Wishlist’! Currently still at Astro he hosted a weekly Sports News Show called ‘SuperSport Daily’ where the viewers get their weekly dose of Sports news delivered with a fun twist!

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