Hello Mentor EP19 | Dian Lee On Being One of The Youngest Property Developers In Malaysia

“I was quite a rebellious teenager. I’ve always had a mind of my own and have always been very, very curious.”

About the episode

In this podcast episode, Datin Dian talks about how she became one of the youngest property developers in Malaysia when she founded The Clearwater Group, an award-winning boutique property development company.

She talks about entrepreneurship and how she juggles multiple businesses. She also opens up about her struggles in building her own business and how she overcame those challenges. 

Getting to know Dian Lee

At the young age of 22, Datin Dian Lee (@dianwithlove on Instagram) pursued her dream of becoming one of the youngest property developers in Malaysia. With that, The Clearwater Group was born backed by a like-minded group of investors.

The Clearwater Group is an award-winning boutique property development and lifestyle company. The company specializes in building boutique homes that marry traditional property development to the modern needs of the urbanite.

Besides that, The Clearwater Group also offers curated lifestyle options like F&B and wellness brands. 

While finding a balance between her career as an entrepreneur and motherhood, Dian found herself in search for deeper meaning. This triggered the start of her yoga teacher training in Bali in 2016. 

The yoga teacher training inspired her to embark on what she dubs a “conscious evolution”. She believes in living life to the fullest by practising consciousness, courage and authenticity. 

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