Career Fair Checklist: 9 Essential Things to Bring for a Successful Job Search

If it’s your very first time attending a career fair, don’t let the lack of preparation make you regret your time there.

Here are 9 essential things you should bring to a career fair to guarantee a fruitful time:

1. Copies of your resume

Your resume is your chance to showcase your skills and experience. Make sure you have multiple copies to hand out to potential employers.

Although if you’re attending The Awesome Career Fair happening this 3 to 5 March 2023, you can skip bringing resumes at all! Simply apply with the participating companies with your Hiredly app.

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2. Business cards (if any)

Business cards are a great way to keep in touch with recruiters and to stay top of mind. They’re small and easy to carry, so make sure to bring some if you have them.

A clever way to use business cards is to include not only your contact details but also a short summary of your resume! Here are some information you can consider adding your business card:

  • Contact details
  • Your LinkedIn profile URL
  • Your job title
  • Highlighted skills and experience
  • Education
  • A QR code that leads to your online portfolio or work samples

Check out resume business card samples in this blog post by HiHello for inspiration!

3. A notebook and pen

A notebook and pen will also come in handy for conversations with hiring managers. Make note of key information about the company and jobs so that you can refer to them for upcoming job interviews. These notes can also help you with decision-making when the time comes for you to decide on your workplace of choice!

Besides, most career fairs invite industry experts to speak at the event so there’s a huge opportunity to learn something new!

See the 14 industry experts speaking at The Awesome Career Fair here.

4. Work samples or portfolio

Got some impressive work samples or a portfolio to show off your skills and experience? Let your work speak for itself and bring them along to the career fair to give the hiring managers a taste of what you’re made of!

Similarly, you can also link your portfolio to your resume and business card.

Having proof of your past work on hand can give you an immediate edge. Impress them enough and they’ll be taking note of you as a candidate worth following up with after the career fair is over!

5. Your research notes

It goes without saying that you should be doing your homework before job interviews – and career fairs are no different! Before attending the career fair, make a note of companies you’re interested in as well as their open opportunities. This information can usually be found on the career fair event page (see who is hiring at The Awesome Career Fair here!).

Make a note of the company’s background and what they do, then think about why you want to join the company and how you can add value to the team (the hiring managers will ask you this, after all).

Keep these notes within your reach so you can have a refresher before dropping by the companies’ booths.

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6. A winning elevator pitch

A career fair is ultimately a networking event! So be ready to bring your best elevator pitch to the career fair. Be ready to introduce yourself in a clear and concise way.

Practice your elevator pitch beforehand to confidently showcase your skills and experience. We show you how to ignite a captivating conversation with a hiring manager in this article.

7. A power bank and phone charger

People do a lot with their smartphones! If you’re using your phone to do last-minute research, show employers your portfolio, or connect with hiring managers on LinkedIn, keeping it fully charged will be crucial.

So remember to bring a power bank and charger so you can stay connected throughout the day.

8. A change of clothes

Accidents and spills may not happen often but when they do, you’ll wish you had something clean (and professional) to change into. Don’t forget to bring a fresh set of clothing to the career fair just in case!

9. A positive attitude and an open mind

When all else fails, here’s what you really need to bring to a career fair: a positive attitude and an open mind. It’s how you’ll make a great first impression and open yourself to new relationships and opportunities.

Whether or not you land the job, you want to leave the place knowing you’ve made a genuine connection with someone. You never know, it could lead you to unexpected opportunities in the future.

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