An Employer’s Guide to Hiring and Retaining Malaysian Gen Z Talent

Who cares if they’ve never laid eyes on a floppy disk? Their zeal and eye for authenticity may be what your company needs in the long run.

Here’s a how-to guide on attracting and retaining Gen Z candidates in Malaysia.

Who are the Malaysian Gen Zs?

Currently, Generation Z represents the largest age group in Malaysia with 29%. This group of youth includes those born between 1997 to 2012.

Why you should already be targeting Gen Z candidates

  1. They are entering the workforce. The oldest group of Gen Z youths have already begun graduating from universities. They are looking for internships and are already holding entry-level positions.
  2. They are tech-savvy, creative and up-to-date with current trends. These are traits you’ll need for the success of your company, no matter what industry you’re in.
  3. They are the future, so it’s now or never. Start implementing your recruitment strategy late and you might miss out on quality talent.

5 Ways to Attract & Retain Gen Z Talent

1. Meet Them Where They Are – Online & On Mobile

As a generation who grew up with smartphones in hand, the average Generation Z youth has excellent technology know-how. With 99% smartphone ownership amongst this group of youth, it’s not surprising!

As digital technology gains prominence, neglecting digital recruitment strategies could mean missing out on great talent.

Want relevant eyes on your company as an employer?

Then catch up with the times and show up where the Gen Z youths are. Many flock to social media channels like Twitter, YouTube, and most notably, TikTok – prime spots for your Employer Branding presence.

Create content that is short, sweet and gets straight to the point. These days, a fun and true-to-life tour of your office can yield better results than a professional corporate video.

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Besides that, joining platforms like Hiredly with apps that make it easier for job seekers to search and apply for jobs is crucial. According to Forbes, 54% of Gen Z candidates skip applying if they find the recruitment process dated.

It checks out with us at Hiredly too. We get 4 times more job applications via mobile app as opposed to the web!

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2. Offer Flexibility, Encourage Autonomy

Since Gen Zs attended school amidst the pandemic, they are familiar with working and communicating remotely. Remote working has gained steam amongst other generation of workers as well. 6 out of 8 professionals cite an increase in productivity when working from home.

Unlike their Millennial counterparts who prefer collaboration, Gen Zs value independence and individuality.

We won’t suggest encouraging working in silos (because some form of collaboration is always healthy). But consider introducing workspaces that offer privacy to help with employees’ focus and creativity.

3. Be Authentic & Transparent

With talks of #CancelCulture on social media, it makes sense that Gen Z youth tend to be rather cynical. Thanks to internet access, Gen Zs get first dibs on news. This also comes with a knack for sniffing out misleading information.

A study has found that amongst Malaysian Gen Z youths, only 21% claim they trust information their friends share on social media. They also found that Gen Zs tend to trust celebrity testimonials and online friends compared to TV ads and magazine/newspaper reviews.

What this means is that they value authenticity and personality.

Transparency is already an excellent company culture to adopt as it benefits staff from across any generation. But in this case, it’s an absolute must to gain trust from fellow Zoomers.

Cultivate a culture of transparency and authenticity from the very first touchpoint. Communicate what your company does, its values and goals, but keep it real. You’ll find that it wins you more points than painting an unrealistically perfect picture.

4. Stand For A Cause

If Millennials are environmentally aware, the Gen Z youths even much so. When asked, 65% of Malaysian Gen Zs say they want to make a difference in the world. Employers will find this attitude promising.

This group shows passion for social issues with recycling and environmental protection, freedom of speech, and accessible education at the top of their list of concerns. Other causes include cybercrime, racial & gender equality, animal rights and public facilities for the disabled.

Even Dell Technology discovered that 47% of Malaysians say they’d like to be part of a socially or environmentally responsible organisation. This is a far cry from the 38% of the other 17 countries included in the study.

To win (and keep) the hearts of Malaysian Gen Z employees, consider introducing social efforts that align with your Employer Brand. This will not only show you care as an organization but giving back to the community has proven to boost employees’ morale.

5. Prioritize Mental Health

Having gone through lockdowns at a young age, many in this generation have admitted to mental health struggles. A survey by Naluri discovered that their most depressed respondents were the Gen Zs. They are also the most affected by anxiety and stress.

Whether this reporting is due to increased awareness of mental health or the aftermath of their lived experience, it makes sense that they place importance on their mental health.

To attract and retain employees from generation Z, consider:

  • Providing subsidized mental health support
  • Prioritizing work-life balance
  • Normalizing discussions on mental health
  • Maintaining healthy and positive communication amongst team members

Don’t mistake their concern for mental health for weakness, though. Gen Zs have seen and learned from the previous generations before them and want better for themselves (and what’s the harm in that?).

Besides, preventing burnout will help your employees perform at their best, regardless of their age group!

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