No more unpaid OT following changes to Employment Act

Working beyond normal hours, or attending to work matters on holidays is inevitable at times, especially during peak season and you’re approaching an important deadline. The good news is, your efforts will no longer be in vain!

While it is considered your responsibility to check off to-do lists on time, let’s not forget that overtime (OT) pay is mandatory in our country, according to the Employment Act 1955 – the law that provides and protects employee rights in Malaysia.

Overtime Payment in Malaysia: Here’s What You Should Know

Malaysian employees who earned more than RM2,000 were not protected by the law previously. When the new amendments come into force by 1 January 2023, however, all employees with monthly wages within the RM2,001 – RM4,000 range will be entitled to overtime payments as well.

Similarly, working hours have also been reduced from 48 to 45 hours. Keep in mind that any extra hours are claimable for OT pay!

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