6 Great Questions You Should Ask In A Job Interview

When an interviewer asks “do you have any questions?”, it often leads people to believe the interview has come to an end. Whatever you do, don’t answer “no” because you’re actually still being interviewed! 

In fact, candidates that don’t have any questions at all come across as uninterested in the job or company. On the other hand, if an interviewer was on the fence about hiring you, asking good questions can change their mind for the better.

Here are some great questions you can ask that not only show your interest but also let them know you’re also there to find ways to contribute:

1. “Do you have any concerns about me?”

Misunderstandings can happen during the interview. Whether you misunderstood the interviewer’s questions or they misinterpreted what you said, asking this question will give you the chance to clarify yourself and clear any doubts about you. 

2. “What do you enjoy the most about working here?”

Asking this question gives you a good look into the company’s work environment from an employee’s perspective. It’s also a fantastic question to ask interviewers because it gives them the chance to share stories about themselves that can make for an enjoyable conversation for both of you. 

Hearing about the company’s culture from a person who has personally experienced it can help you piece together a more accurate expectation of what it’s like to work at the company. This way you can decide whether the culture is a good fit for you.

3.“How have you grown personally and professionally since joining the company?”

Besides finding out about the company’s culture, it also helps to learn how career growth looks like at the company. To get a better understanding, feel free to ask the interviewer about their starting background and see whether their job has encouraged them to grow personally and professionally. 

You will have a better idea of the company’s learning curve as well as the opportunities available. For what it’s worth, you will also show the employers that you are looking for a place to grow your career for the long term.

4. “Could you tell me more about the team I’d be joining?”

It’s important to understand the dynamics of the team you could be joining. If you get hired for the job, learning about the people you’ll be working with the most, who you’ll report to and how the team is structured beforehand can clue you in on what to expect.

If the team structure sounds familiar to you, you can also benefit from mentioning any previous work experience or success you’ve had working in similar teams.

5. “What does a typical day look like for someone in this position?”

At this point, we’re sure you are aware of the job description. However, job descriptions usually only cover high-level tasks expected of the role, not necessarily the day-to-day ones.

Asking this allows you to learn about the daily workflow and gives the interviewer the chance to share more details about the responsibilities expected of you. This insight will then help you decide if the role is right for you!

6. “What would my key performance indicators (KPIs) be?”

This is a great question to ask near the end of a job interview since it shows potential employers that you are eager to make a good contribution to the firm. It also helps you grasp what you need to do to perform well in the role if or when you are hired for it.

While asking questions demonstrates your enthusiasm for the position, not all questions are appropriate for the interview. In certain cases, they can even backfire on you. Find out what questions you should avoid asking here.