5 Compelling Reasons To Jump On A Career In Cryptocurrency in 2022

Thanks to influential people from Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla) to beauty creator and entrepreneur Michelle Phan, the hype surrounding Web 3.0 and crypto is undeniable. It has some of us wondering whether a cryptocurrency career is worth jumping into.

For those curious about taking the plunge, here are 5 top reasons to jump into the career made for the future.

But first, what is cryptocurrency?

According to Investopedia, cryptocurrencies are digital assets that use decentralized systems based on blockchain technology that ensures secure online transactions. 

The nature of this virtual currency makes it impossible to counterfeit or double-spend.

Why a career in cryptocurrency looks good right now

1. The demand for cryptocurrency jobs are skyrocketing

As cryptocurrency goes mainstream, more and more big companies have also begun to adopt blockchain-based systems to optimise processes.

Even traditional companies have resorted to building their internal crypto teams, not wanting to miss out on the boom.

This has led to tech jobs being some of the most sought after roles in the field. The global demand for Blockchain Developers alone has increased by 300-500% yearly!

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2. You don’t have to be a Tech Specialist

In fact, 40% of cryptocurrency careers are non-technical!

Just like any industry, it requires the support of people in many different roles.

According to the 2021 Global Blockchain Employment Report, the most needed roles in the cryptocurrency field after Engineering are Operations, Marketing, Design, Sales, and Customer Support.

Now hiring: Dexhigh Services, the Dubai, Bengaluru and India-based Software Development and Outsourcing Company is hiring for an HR Manager role – experience in blockchain is a plus!

3. Work for international companies – remotely.

The perks of having a career in cryptocurrency are that many functions remotely, meaning you’ll be open to working with an international company. This allows you to explore international grounds and make connections while earning a higher salary.

Did you know that an average remote Blockchain Developer can earn up to USD123,750 per year?

4. Reliability over credentials any day.

Since cryptocurrency only made its inception in the last decade, employers won’t expect you to have a 10-year working experience with blockchain. In some cases, cryptocurrency company founders also come from different backgrounds themselves.

For example, Malaysian-grown CoinGecko’s founders Bobby Ong and TM Lee did digital marketing and software engineering respectively before founding the company!

For many employers in this field, having a specific degree doesn’t matter as long as you can prove your skills and reliability. 

5. Perfect for someone who loves a good challenge.

ReGov Technologies is a fast-growing Malaysia based information technology innovation venture.

A big bulk of the cryptocurrency industry is still uncharted territory. So if you’re someone who loves exploring and learning, you can bet on cryptocurrency to bring you something new each day. 

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