4 Things To Know Before Joining Hiredly

When you first start working at a new company, there are things you wish you knew before joining…

Like not knowing you had to climb 5 flights of stairs every day or working in an area with lots of noisy construction. 

So to save you the trouble, we’re sharing the 4 things you should know before joining Hiredly!

Just like any other company, expect to go through an interview process before joining the Hiredly team. 

But did you know there are 2 stages of interviews for you to go through? You’ll have to pass both to land a job as a Hiredly Hiro (that’s what we call ourselves).

The first stage is a skill-based interview with the hiring manager. We will assess your skills and experience, and depending on the department you applied for, there might also be a skill test.

Once the hiring manager sees that you are qualified for the job, the next step is an interview with Hiredly’s culture committee.

Culture fit is a huge deal to us. This stage of the interview is all about finding out if you’re the right fit for our team’s culture.

Look forward to an open conversation with us to find out if our work-styles match. After all, if you get hired, we want you to thrive here at Hiredly!

Interns are not expected to make coffee

You know how some interns only get coffee for their seniors and do mundane tasks like photocopy documents?

Not at Hiredly!

Our managers don’t hire interns to do paperwork or “chores” they don’t want to do. Because of this, Hiredly is where you’ll get a real feel of a working environment. 

Even interns can make an impact at Hiredly. Interns hold real responsibilities and perform like a full-timer (with guidance from your seniors of course).

Check out what our former interns have to say about their internship experience in this article.

Dont join us if you think we are fun

All play and no work do not make a successful company. 

Flexible hours, casual dress codes, and informal work settings are just some of the things we do to create a happy and comfortable work environment. 

But do not mistake our “fun environment” for low performance. 

At Hiredly, we hold true to our visions, missions, and targets. We do all we can to match people to the companies they belong to!

So we provide a conducive environment for our team to stay motivated and do their best work. We also trust our team to deliver their tasks without abusing our flexibility.

Parking is tough to find

Ever tried parking at Plaza TTDI? 

If you have then you know that it’s tough.

By 9 AM, the free parking outside is almost always full. In-building parking on the other hand is waaay too expensive for you to be paying everyday. 

Luckily for us, our building is located just a 2-3 minute walk from the TTDI MRT Station. Apart from that, confirmed staff have access to subsidised parking if they choose to drive. 

On the bright side, finding food around here is a breeze. There are so many options to choose from. So we guess it all balances out!

Have we scared you off?

Don’t worry, we’re sure you’ll like it here just fine!

For a lot of us, Hiredly is the place we got to grow our careers in a supportive environment. Our 6 ex-interns will vouch for that.

So come join us!

We’re hiring for 30 positions. Check out our company profile to find a role that suits you and we’ll see you very soon!